Why is LinkedIn Scraping So Hard?

03 Nov 2021
why iscraper.io?

The reason why is LinkedIn scraping so hard is because it’s very easy to do. It’s not as if you need a degree in programming to make the job look simple. For most people who are new to LinkedIn, it usually comes down to trial and error, until they find a system or strategy that works for them. Most experts agree though that it’s not really about the system but more about using LinkedIn public data APIs in a strategic way to boost their sales.

Before you can start using LinkedIn public data scraper, you need to subscribe free plan at iscraper.io, one dollar will be given on subscription. Use the free trial before selecting a pricing plan. We have a customized pricing plan for each user. If you are using iscraper.io on a large scale then a customized discount will be applicable. For that purpose customer needs to contact iscrpaer.io team.

Currently we are offering regular profiles, company profiles, company employees, and LinkedIn search. Another end point will also be integrated soon i.e, “job search”. 


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